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The first deep interactive community of artists, collectors and art platforms in Hong Kong, will officially launch recruitment! Since its establishment in 2019, iisuArt has continuously explored the common concept pursued by art lovers - diversity and integration. We prepared: 1. Annual art courses to widen your comprehensive understanding of the art world 2. Consulting services and expert sharing to build a ladder for you in the art field 3. Unique sharing and interaction mode, switch your identity with no limitation on your art path 4. Make friends here with whom shares the same aspirations and grow together with them, constantly nourish yourself and expand the boundaries and meaning of life

iisuClub embraces one who are fond of art.

Here is the balanced space of your busy life and the art garden that nourishes your life inspiration.
Make friends here with partners who share the same aspirations,
explore yourself with artists and expand life boundaries.

What my iisuMembership means to me?

Knowledge learning

free art courses all year round

  • -Curriculum system: from the introduction to the essential knowledge of experienced collectors, with in-depth and practical content design.
    -Tutor team: our tutor group is formed by artists, university professors, senior curators, galleries, auction houses and other experts.

Exclusive information

keep pace with international art trend

  • -1V1 professional art consultant: provides you with customized service, including art consultation, purchase, negotiation, mortgage, management, and etc.
    -Exclusive sharing with experts: Inviting artists from all over the world to come to Hong Kong on a regular basis to exchange experiences with members.

Resources sharing

Growing together with art

  • -Space sharing: iisuClub, an exclusive offline club for members, a private space for leisure, making friends and gathering
    -Art sharing: members have the right to vote, select the most popular artists in the community and promote them with iisuArt
    -Income sharing: For all projects that the community participates in, members will get a certain percentage of profit income according to the contribution value.

Exploration Benefits

  1. Free activities throughout the year: courses above and activities can be given priority to free participation, and members can be issued a certificate of completion if the attendance rate exceeds 60%.

  2. 1v1 exclusive art consulting service: we provide immediate consulting services and extra services such as art purchase and personal tailoring.

  3. iisuMember have the right to use iisuClub 2 times a year for free (non-members need to pay $2000/h rental fee)

  4. Exclusive to members: having dinner with artists and inviting artists from all over the world for regular gatherings.

  5. Exclusive space for members at iisuClub: open to members from 12-6 pm every day with provided drinks and snacks free of charge. Advance notice will be given if there are special circumstances.

  6. iisuMember's night: Every Thursday night from 7 pm to 10 pm, members can enjoy different forms of entertainment activities in the space, including jewelry fashion, wine tasting, screening, etc.

  7. There is a 10% discount on the purchase of iisuArt's artworks and derivative goods. 

Future Benefits (coming soon)

  • NFT Pass: Each member will get a member NFT for free. In the future, if the transfer of membership requires the resale of the NFT, the value-added part belongs to the original one.

  • Exhibition artist voting rights: Artists and the exhibition are decided by the community member via vote, and the most popular artist is selected to hold exhibitions.

  • Profit sharing: For all projects with community participation, space will distribute 15% of the profits to members, and the specific ratio will be determined according to the contribution of members.

More Benefits (keep on)

  • Enjoy VIP preview of international art events: iisuMember can enjoy the free access to international art fairs and activities such as Art Basel, VIP preview etc.;

  • Discount of Hollywood community: iisuMember can enjoy discounts and hospitality of many high-end restaurants and bars (such as Bacchus Wine&Restaurant, Chachawan, etc.) covered by iisuArt.

*All rights reserved by iisuArt

Membership fee

A lifetime membership entails a $36,000

-200 quotas limitation.

-The cumulative purchase of artworks in iisuArt up to HK $300,000 can be credited against -the next year's membership fee.

-Suspension of membership is permitted twice a year for a period of up to three months each time, with advance application required

-An automatic forfeiture of membership will occur if a member's membership is suspended for more than two months without submitting an application

- Lifetime members need to obtain iisuArt's consent to transfer their membership.

Exploring iisuClub


iisuFriends community gathers art lovers of new generation from different fields, aiming at integrating contemporary art into daily life and guiding more new generation art lovers to have the opportunity to have knowledge of, appreciate, experience and collect contemporary art.

Exploration Benefits

  1. Invitations to offline and virtual events, free access to "Hollywood Road Half-day Art Tour" once;

  2. 10% discount on all the member's events including workshops, events, art tours, parties and etc. (Over 30 art programs and social events per year);

  3. 5% discount in iisuSense - the collection showroom at iisuArt Space;

  4. Personalised e-newsletters with upcoming exhibitions, events, special offers.

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