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An Aleph
24 Dec - 00:00

iisuArt Space gratefully presents Dali Chen solo exhibition:「An Aleph  that will last from Nov 25th to Dec 24th   including 「Geometry. Mathmatics  Series,「Cosmic-Round Series 」,「There is no straight line Series .

The theme of the exhibition pays tribute to Borges' short story "EI Aleph". Alef is a sphere with diameter of 2-3 cm, through which you can see endless scenes of the universe. Borge added that Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, while in the perspective of mysterious philosophers, it means "learn to tell the truth". This letter refers to infinite and pure god.

One day, the "wanderer" Dali who roved in the world in multiple roles touched the string of the universe inadvertently and sensed the resonance and unity of all things. Everything we know about the universe, from the smallest quark to the biggest supernovaexists with the vibration of the tiny energy circuit from microscopic. Dali is obsessed with quantum mechanics, philosophy, Buddhism and mysticism. She meditates and sits still all year round, constantly exploring spiritual journey or spiritual sacrifice. Meanwhile, there are always some power with mysterious authenticity and hypnotic in Dali’s works, which is also a game enjoyed by alchemists, soothsayers, shamans and hippies.

Dali tries to practice from the multi-dimensional angles of geometry, spectrum, Hertz, symbol, wave-particle duality, linear spacetime, etc. In recent years, her works have become more and more pure and accessible. She is fascinated by the fusion and superposition of "Rice Paper", an ancient oriental material and canvas. Yang side of the work in new series is hidden, but presents with the Yin side. The subject and the object are in perfect harmony, which can be described as "the congruity of Yin and Yang creates the whole". Mirror images hidden inside can be both symmetrical opposition and unity among the hazy layers. Her works are also influenced by idealism and theosophy, and the audience may get touched in the works from the late artists Hilma af Klint and Agnes Martin.

An Aleph, all-inclusive, the mistery belongs to everyone 


600 Hz, 2022
Mixed material
528 Hz, 2022
Mixed material


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