01 Feb - 23:45

iisuArt is pleased to present the Japanese artist Takaprincipal's first exhibition "Synesthesia" to our collectors and art enthusiasts friends, showcasing a series of artistic images about urban & nature which convey the synesthesia of five senses.

“In this exhibition, Synesthesia, I aim to articulate the allure of nature from an urban perspective. By showcasing major cities across Asia, I seek to visually manifest the dynamic interplay between urbanity and nature, and aspire to disseminate our constructed paradigm of nature to a wider audience.” 

- Takaprincipal

His work does not express the arrogance of anthropocentric, but instead seeks to demonstrate human involvement in the process of returning photographic images back to the earth itself. In the past 30 years, he has been experimenting with various of photography methods for the natural world. He found that it is a challenge to represent these experiences into art as the feelings triggered by certain spaces and locations are all unique. Thus it requires him to apply a new form of artistic interpretation. 

Even the moon under the same sky, people can have very different preferences; some people prefer the full moon and the others prefer the new moon, some fascinated by the light some obsessed with the shadow, which means that the charisma of any image always varies from person to person, time after time. Same for Takaprincipal, he enjoy using completely different image processing strategies to depict certain scenes. 

Takaprincipal was born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. While working as a photographer for top brands, he also serves as an art director, creative director, DJ and art curator. Currently based in Hong Kong, he travels around the world to create synesthetic photography that captures the "Charm of the Five Senses”. His works were exhibited in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, etc.


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