Typhoon Signal No.223 Hollywood
13 Oct - 12 Nov 2022

The tropical cyclone warning signal for Hong Kong is known as a "typhoon”.

The complex causes of typhoon and their rapidly changing trajectories make it difficult to predict. Relevant data shows that the 2020s is the beginning ofa new era where extreme weather and intensified environmentalissues continue to worsenThis exhibition will present the audiences fictional weather warnings and a imaginary typhoon experience. Passing through the center of the"Eye of the Wind" where the tropical cyclone pressure is the lowest and calmestthe wind rises and the clouds surge to the violent winds, and then returns to the calm and peaceful. The artist tries to tell this adventure from different experiences. A huge typhoon roared and ravagedand Vientiane woke up and regenerated. After the violent collision of chaos and disorder, will a new world emerge and a new order be established? What is the relationship between climate change and the earth's biological and human social activities? After a long period of epidemics natural disasters, changes in the times, social developmentand the upgrading of technology and intelligence, how do the post-humans of the multiverse re-look and think about the environment and civilization on which we live? What impact does art have on human future consciousness in a chaotic era?


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