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Gallery hopping with MAYAO

- GDM - Pearl Lam Galleries - White Cube - MAYAO

201, 2/F, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Quota Limit:
15 people

13 Apr 15:00 - 18:00


HKD 480.00/person

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This gallery hopping tour will be led by Tanya Liu (Founder of MAYAO Space) and Sarah Zhang (Art Advisor of MAYAO Space), who will lead you through the exhibitions of GDM Gallery, Pearl Lam Gallery, White Cube and MAYAO Space;

Tanya Liu

As the founder of MAYAO, she led the company to become the fastest growing art brokerage in Hong Kong, and the first consultancy in Hong Kong to focus on serving Mandarin-speaking clients. Tanya also established MAYAO Space, the first multi-functional art space in Hong Kong, which is dedicated to creating a platform for young artists and collectors to grow and nourish each other.

Sarah Zhang

Sarah Zhang, art advisor, independent curator, currently works and lives in Hong Kong. She worked for Bonhams Auction Hong Kong, and prior to this, she worked with a renowned Asian collector to help operate her gallery and private museum space in Hong Kong Mid-Levels. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Studies department (minor in French) from the University of Nottingham, afterwards, she pursued her Master’s degree in Creative Media and Curation of City University of Hong Kong. With an in-depth understanding of Hong Kong, Mainland China, and French modern and contemporary art, Sarah focuses on exploring cross-contextual expression of space practices, sociability, gender politics, and cultural identity.


Presented at gdm Hong Kong is an installation showcasing an intertwined and destabilized space, where the boundaries between human, technology and environment blur. Time is stretched, erasing the distinctions between past, present and future. They coexist as one. Paintings are the aesthetic foundation for Zheng’s multi-media works, they demonstrate the artist’s visual vocabulary through contrasting geometric forms with natural elements. By exploring the form of materialities, Zheng layers and collages inked and painted xuan paper together to create compositions that evoke a sense of movement. The ink mimics the flow of the mind, the flow of energy in all beings, the flow of the cosmos.

- Pearl Lam Galleries

Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to announce Maggi Hambling: The Night, a solo exhibition by renowned British artist Maggi Hambling. Hambling occupies a unique position as an artist who has consistently embraced a spirit of rebelliousness throughout her career, making her one of the most celebrated female artists in the British art scene. This spirit is evident in her tributes to seminal intellectual figures such as Mary Wollstonecraft, an important advocate for women’s rights in the 18th century, and memorial sculptures honouring figures like the 19th-century author Oscar Wilde and the 20th-century composer Benjamin Britten. Rooted in her own lived experiences, Hambling’s work remains a reflection of and draws inspiration from people, places, and her identity as a pioneering artist with a queer perspective. Viewing painting as an intimate and physical experience, Hambling believes that regardless of the time dedicated to a painting, it must culminate in a single moment—akin to the profound physicality of love. 

- White Cube

White Cube is pleased to present British artist Louise Giovanelli’s second solo exhibition with the gallery and her first in Hong Kong. Exploring the tension between representation and materiality, figuration and abstraction, Giovanelli’s works consider the significance and history of painting as a system of representation. ‘Here on Earth’ features new oil paintings, which expand and reform found imagery. The artist’s luminous and intensely worked surfaces bring notions of theatricality and performance to the fore, traced through source material as wide ranging as Greek myth, old-master paintings and twentieth-century film-making.


MAYAO presents Chinese artist Li Yongzheng's first Hong Kong solo exhibition - “Beyond the Silence” - from 15 March to 27 April, 2024. The exhibition will take place in both MAYAO main gallery and ground floor window space MY-Project, showcasing Li Yongzheng's paintings, video documentation, and installation works, where he poetically questions the humanity and the practice of free will expression in nowadays' world.

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