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Christmas Art Party Fever:Wrap lt Up!

iisuArt and SPIIA RIIS jointly present : Christmas Art Party Fever - Wrap lt Up!

iisuArt Space
iisuArt Space
Quota Limit:
60 people

22 Dec 19:00 - 23:00


HKD 680.00/person

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Do you want to be enchanted by a diverse range of artisitic expressions, including exhibition, art and music jamming by artists at iisuArt Space?

This Christmas, iisuArt and SPIIA RIIS jointly present the closing party of the "Wrap It Up" group exhibition of emerging Asian artists, and for the first time collaborated with Hong Kong artist Wong Sze Chit to create the "annual surprise" that combines exhibitions and live art performances: "Wrap lt Up" Christmas Art Party. In each scene constructed by different artists, the exploration varies from pure abstraction, to empty spaces, solitary figures in landscapes, and the infinite mobility of "one man should be like a team" in a metaphorical form, we will all see part of ourselves through the artworks.

The surprise of the party was undoubtedly the live art creation of Wong Sze Chit, an emerging artist from Hong Kong who has collaborated with many international and Hong Kong galleries and art fairs. Fascinated with folk beliefs and the visual elements of local temples, his work engages with the imagination and energy associated with the mystical and the mythical. Wong Sze Chit’s input into the painting process often begins with a symbol on the canvas, with one symbol exploding into a series of bizarre Or anti-traditional themes slowly spread, thus becoming strange phenomena and energy.



Art Performance by Artist Wong Sze Chit

The art performance will be accompanied by live music full of mystery that night. We welcome you to experience this fun art journey, visit the exhibition at the party, witness the birth process of an art work, experience the unique charm of the art party with all art lovers, and embark an unique and fun Christmas artistic journey!

Time and Date

December 22, 2023 (Friday) | 19:00 – Late

Early Bird Ticket: $580 (Ends December 15th)

Party Pass: $680

  (Both include free-flowing drinks and snacks)

Dress Code: The color palette 🎨

(Please select your favorite artwork and match it with your favorite color)


19:00 – 20:30: Art Tour of Emerging Asian Artists Group Exhibition ‘Wrap lt Up’ 

20:30 – 21:30: Art Performance & Live Music by Artist Wong Sze Chit

21:30 – Late: Party Time

Venue: iisuArt Space, Room 201, Hollywood Centre, No.233 Hollywood, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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