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Artist Salon: CHAN KENG TIN and His Oriental Coloured Glaze World

From Chan Kengtin's work, we can witness the fascinating clash of modern city life with the ideals of traditional Chinese landscape painting. 

香港上环荷李活道233号荷里活中心 iisuArt Space 201室
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20 people

17 Aug 19:30 - 21:00


HKD 680.00/person

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# Art Salon: Chen Jingtian's Oriental glass world

The most unique feature of the mountains painted by artist Chen Jingtian is that they look like cracked pieces of porcelain. The pieces in the painting are crystal clear, which can not help but remind people of the pharmacist's glass light Buddha's world - the Eastern glass world, the sky is bright and spotless. While practicing and honing the skills of traditional painting in practice, he also integrates contemporary perception into the medium of ink painting, so that traditional Chinese landscape painting and the art theory of the 21st century are subtly intertwined.

iisuArt invites you to join the artist Chen Jingtian, listen to his unique creative language and artistic experience, and understand the development and appreciation of modern ink art. Drink wine with artists, taste art and wine.

Artist: Chen Jingtian

Born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province in 1979, he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Chinese Culture University in Taiwan in 2003, and studied landscape painting at the studio of China National Academy of Painting from 2008 to 2010. He is currently the executive director of the Chinese Cross-Straits Painting and Calligraphy Education and Cultural Exchange Association, a member of the Chinese Painting Society (Hong Kong), a guest painter of Shenzhen Painting Academy, and currently teaches at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

* Time: 2023.08.17 Thursday 19:30-21:00 pm

Fee: $680 (including one drink)

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