About MY-Club

Nourishing life with art, MY-Club is a gathering spot for art enthusiasts and collectors to interchange and grow.

MY-Club is committed to be the pioneer of your art world commencement. We engage with artists, art advisors, and art institutions to convey the charisma of contemporary art and appeal like-minded friends. We aim to cultivate a community of future collectors with unique insights. We will jointly look for exquisiteness and profound of art in this voyage, under the unprecedented changes of the times.

Art Journey with MY-Club - The reasons of join in MY-Club

Easily learn about art appreciation and collections

The Art Salon helps members learn about the history of art and the art industry, while the year-round art tours allow members to keep abreast of the art aesthetic and gradually build up a professional understanding of art collection;

Expanding the Boundaries of Life with Global Art Tour Experiences

MAYAO works closely with art circles around the world and arranges exclusive experiences for its members at major art events throughout the year;

Build an artistic network and make friends with like-minded people

Becoming a member is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your network in different fields. The MAYAO team, guest panels, and art advisors are all experts in the art field, so you can break the regular social circle and meet like-minded people.

MY-Club membership benefits

·Admission Fee:$36,000.00
(The fee for the following year's renewal is $18,000.00)
·Limited to 200 places while stock lasts.
·Annual cumulative purchase of artworks at MAYAO of up to HK$300,000 will entitle you to a credit of the next year's membership fee.
·Suspension of membership is allowed twice a year for a period not exceeding 3 months each time and must be applied for in advance.
·Suspension of dues payment for more than 2 months without application will be considered as automatic renunciation of membership.
·Members who wish to transfer their membership must obtain MAYAO's consent.

1. Year-round art activities at zero cost: the above courses and activities are all free of charge and with priority (except for art trips);
2. Art storage and consignment service: members can store 2 pieces of artwork (under 150 cm’s paintings only, not included installation and scuplture) for free for a period of 6 months;
3. Members have the right to use MY-Club House for free 2 times a year, non-members need to pay $2000/h rental fee;
4. 10% discount on MAYAO artworks and derivative products;
5. Customized brand promotion for each member, connecting with community business resources;
6. Regular dinners and exchanges between members and MAYAO's collaborating artists.

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